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Headrests & Adapters


Headrest (system)

Our different types of headrests provide optimal head position combined with the right support. The headrest is adjustable in angle, height and depth. Of course we do, if desired, completely custom made headrests.

Our own Veldink4kids fastening system (RVS) is easily adjustable and makes the headrest easy to adjust to the right position and desired lenght. By choosing for a stainless steel embodiment, the strength and the position is assured. Thus the headrest can be adjusted properly and will always remain good. The system is mounted on the back of the seat and is removable.

Mounting system
1) Standard shaped
2) Anatomic shaped
3) Lateral shaped
4) Extra wide (soft)
  • Hoofdsteun Systeem ENGSpacer Bar on headrest for correct mounting of the chest harnesses (see picture at the right)!

  • Hoofdsteun Standaard ENGFor this model, there is a removable terry fabric cover available!

  • Hoofdsteun Anatomisch ENG

  • Hoofdsteun Lateraal ENG

  • Hoofdsteun Breed ENG

    This headrest model is available in 2 sizes. Size 1: 34w x 13h CM    &   Size 2: 30w x 11h CM


The headrest system is mounted on the back of the seats. by model kiddo another adpater may be needed.Kiddo headrest adapters




Veldink4kids is a company that specializes in designing and manufacturing modern contemporary wheelchairs for children.

'MADE IN HOLLAND' whereby the wishes and requirements of children are always central!

Experience It Yourself

The Kiddo Classic, Tilt and Xperienz can be provided with a Tarta back by a unique connection! 

Tarta rug met adapter


All our wheelchairs can be provided with a Pelvi-loc. The pelvic pads are 3 - dimensional shape, for optimum fixation of the pelvis without pressure on the spine anterior superior. Formed shape with ultra thin end at the moulded seat fixing point to avoid lateral pressure marks at the pelvis. Prevents lateral pressure points on the pelvis. The ratchet will run in addition to a strap to prevent injuries.





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