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  Our passion

Working towards a common goal that is something we do daily over at Veldink4kids. With everyone contributing their own skills and ideas.

Working from our heart and being involved that is our passion!

Team kleur

Our motivation

We believe that everyone has their own wisdom and their own way to express it to the world..

Everyone knows something, no one knows everything, together we know quite a lot. That's why we find sharing very important, sharing knowledge, experience and inspiration.


'Know yourself, Be Yourself, Develop Yourself & make yourself valuable'Veldink4kids Team

 Working from our core values

How we work is really important at Veldink4kids so we developed some value statements together. Our core values are always leading and guiding us, they determine what we do and what we don't do. We always try to build and maintain open and honest relationships through transparent communication. 'Say what you do and do what you say' our core values say what we stand for and what we want to convey. No empty words so, but guiding foundation for our organization.

  • Working from talent and passion
  • Transparent communication and honest relationships
  • Taking responsibility, solve problems
  • Promote positivity & family feeling 'sharing'
  • Inspire others, be yourself
  • Work together, collaborate to build teams & friendships
  • Dare to Dream

Meet the Team

Ron Goed
Partner / sales director

Has over twenty years of experience in the pediatric field. Working with children and find the optimal solution is the most beautiful thing there is. Always driven and looking for new opportunities!

Ben de Raaf
Senior technical advisor

Sometimes called Mister 'Veldink4kids', has been working for Veldink4kids for over 25 years. Innovative, creative and working towards his goal. Help and inspire as many children as possible.

Frieda de Boer-Maat
Technical advisor

Always busy for our customers, the children! Working with kids is great fun.its aim to give children as much freedom and independence as possible.

Arnold van Zuijlekom
Partner / managing director

Inspiring others and challenge them to let their talents shine. Working at Veldink4kids is working with a bonus! Because every day we learn of our special customers 'inspiring children'. Beautiful!

Diana Talsma
Assistant office staff

Our hostess! Always on the go to help our customers and to make children feel at ease. An example for the children of inspiration and perseverance. Dare to dream! 

Arwin van der Zwaan
Assistant office staff

Is the whole day busy with our customers and he loves it! Arrange everything as smooth as possible, in order to control the order flow through the company. That is what Arwin makes happy, down to earth and do what you promised! Also father of the smiling Noortje on our website banner.

Herwin Westra
Product developer /designer

Creating ideas, preferably all day! That's what he does. Has a passion for technology and design and monitors Veldink4kids 'look and feel' in our assortment. He knows each screw and part to the finest detail.

Veldink4kids Team
Production Team

Team spirit, we do it all together, only then can we achieve the desired results. Each in his or her field, each part equally important for the entire puzzle! So in addition to our more familiar faces out there are many passionate people working behind the scenes.

Veldink4kids is a company that specializes in designing and manufacturing modern contemporary wheelchairs for children.

'MADE IN HOLLAND' whereby the wishes and requirements of children are always central!

Experience It Yourself

The Kiddo Classic, Tilt and Xperienz can be provided with a Tarta back by a unique connection! 

Tarta rug met adapter


Specifications Kiddo Up

  Up tech Eng



All our wheelchairs can be provided with a Pelvi-loc. The pelvic pads are 3 - dimensional shape, for optimum fixation of the pelvis without pressure on the spine anterior superior. Formed shape with ultra thin end at the moulded seat fixing point to avoid lateral pressure marks at the pelvis. Prevents lateral pressure points on the pelvis. The ratchet will run in addition to a strap to prevent injuries.





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