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All our Kiddo Seats are always manufactured to the measurements of the child. An optimal seating position for every child and a good functionality of the wheelchair is one of the most important tasks for Veldink4kids. And an optimal seating support is for each child differently. for that reason every seat cushion is made individually and there is a wide choice of options and configurations. Possibly expanded with additional seat and body supporting accessories.

Standard seat cushions are equipped with a 2-layer foam system for optimum pressure distribution and comfort. The seat can be upholstered with different fabrics. For example, the spacermesh black fabric, black stamskin, or black neopreen. Also inlays (covers) for incontinence protection are available. Standard, the cushions are upholstered with black spachermesh (breathable fabric) with Cordura finished edges.

Anatomic seat
Ergo seat
Wedge removable
Wedge foldable
  • The most choosen seat model! Our anatomically shaped seat that ensures proper posture and good pressure distribution.

    Kiddo zitkussens 1 Eng

  • For children who tend to slide forward the ergo seat can be of great help. Due to the lowered seating part the child can maintain a correct seating position.

    Kiddo zitkussens 2 Eng

  • The removable abduction wedge (pommel) prevent abduction of the legs. The abduction pommel is mounted underneath the seat and can easily be removed if needed.

    Kiddo zitkussens 3 Eng

  • The swing-away abduction wedge (pommel) prevent abduction of the legs. The abduction pommel is integrated in the seat cushion and can be easily folded down, if needed.

    Kiddo zitkussens 4 Eng

Other Seat cushions modifications:

Seat with tailbone recess: This seat has a deepened and soft section below the tailbone and provides protection against pressure sores. In addition to comfort, this also helps prevent the user from sliding forwards, which means that the pelvis stays to the rear where it is properly supported.

Leg lenght difference: Can be used as desired both leftside or rightside, at the front of the seat.

Seat provided with memoryfoam: The seat can be fitted with a top layer of memory foam. This gives extra comfort and relieves pressure points. Memory foam reacts to body heat. The foam will therefore be softer and smoother where your body is warmer. This will relieve your pressure points.

Urine bottle recess: For the Kiddo Classic, there is possibility to provide the seat of a swing-away recess for easy use of a urine bottle. Only to mount on the Kiddo Classic due to the space under the seat.

Veldink4kids is a company that specializes in designing and manufacturing modern contemporary wheelchairs for children.

'MADE IN HOLLAND' whereby the wishes and requirements of children are always central!

Experience It Yourself

The Kiddo Classic, Tilt and Xperienz can be provided with a Tarta back by a unique connection! 

Tarta rug met adapter


All our wheelchairs can be provided with a Pelvi-loc. The pelvic pads are 3 - dimensional shape, for optimum fixation of the pelvis without pressure on the spine anterior superior. Formed shape with ultra thin end at the moulded seat fixing point to avoid lateral pressure marks at the pelvis. Prevents lateral pressure points on the pelvis. The ratchet will run in addition to a strap to prevent injuries.





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